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  • Western Europe: finance, business, hosting and technical center
  • Hong Kong, Singapore and China: finance, business and hosting center
  • Asia-Pacific: business and hosting center
  • India: client support and technical center
  • America: hosting center

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A few figures

3 server hosting locations for uninterrupted global connectivity
28 years in the payments and telecoms business
1997: the year we floated on the stock market
100,000+ merchants using our solutions
46,293,152: our annual USD revenue in 2012
200,000,000+ transactions in the past ten years


A word from our CEO

The way we do business

Whatever the services our team devises and promotes, we always keep the following principles firmly in mind:

  • Understanding the current and future needs of our clients, end users and providers
  • Embracing entrepreneurial thinking
  • Developing the talents of our people
  • Empowering our staff to embrace curiosity and ask questions
  • Maintaining integrity and taking responsibility for our actions
  • Always looking out for talented individuals of all nationalities and cultures

I'd like to emphasize the last point:
my professional experience has taught me to work and indentify markets in many different industries. I can only thank the people who work around me for helping the company develop sales and services in countries I never thought we would ever have access to!

Daniel Dorra


Join BD Multimedia Group and seize the opportunity to pursue an exciting and dynamic career.

In spite of our size, we do our best to maintain the spirit of a small business: this helps maximise staff potential and give our people flexibility in their careers and roles. Every member of our multicultural team can and does contribute to decisions and influence the path we take as a company.

Partnering with end users, clients and providers around the world helps our people make smart decisions across many cultures and languages. Our employees are ideally placed to understand constantly evolving web trends and the future challenges facing the payments and telecommunications industries and to embrace our new globalized world as part of a multicultural team.

Our culture and values drive everything we do as an organization.
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