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The Group’s Q1 2013 results confirm an upturn in growth in the micropayments sector. Proposed dividend: €0.30 per share.

BD Multimedia offers:

  • Consumer Services: Value-Added Telecommunications, Internet and Premium Rate Number Services.

  • Enterprise Services: Payment Solutions (micropayments) and Telecoms.

Results (€000s)


2012Q1 2012Q2 2012Q3 2012Q4 2012Q1 2013
Publishing – community sites2,394578577606633590
Publishing – games477218118786361
Total revenue33,53810,5019,6537,7915,5933,868


Note: To make comparisons more accurate, this 2012 quarterly breakdown has been adjusted relative to figures shown in previous press releases.

  • Micropayments: Following a decline after some clients were dropped in 2012 at the request of operators, and thanks to our sustained marketing efforts, we have returned to revenue growth relative to Q4 2012.

  • We achieved a gross margin of 25% in Q1 2013, compared with 17% in Q1 2012.

  • The PayDuo.com website, designed as an aggregator of international payment methods and to be operated by BD Multimedia HK, has been under development since 2012 (a beta version is online).

  • Publishing revenue is up relative to Q1 2012 as restructures and changes to the business model begin to bear fruit. The dip in revenue relative to Q4 2012 is seasonal.

  • Publishing – Games: No significant change since we tightened our security systems in 2012.

  • Telephony: No significant change.

  • Apogéa: This IT services subsidiary was sold at end of December 2012.

Commenting on 2012, Daniel Dorra, CEO, said:

”While we have no shortage of future projects and innovative ideas, we have focused our priorities on developing micropayments and are extending our expertise by investing in resources in development and marketing.

I felt it was the right time to sell our IT services subsidiary, which provides services to French companies: we did not believe future trends in this market were aligned with our capabilities.

We were able to take the opportunity to sell on satisfactory financial terms. In payment solutions, I felt it was evident that we needed to open up a new development base outside Europe; we chose Hong Kong.

Our new micropayment site, PayDuo.com, is not simply a translated version of StarPass: as well as drawing on our past success, we have created a product that is genuinely international, both in its design and by virtue of the team that we are just beginning to put in place.

Our strategy remains focused on web marketing, with an emphasis on small and medium-sized online merchants selling virtual goods.

Offering value-added services linked to our customers’ payment collection needs should enable us to maintain strong margins in a broad and fast-growing market.

We are entering this phase in our history with enthusiasm and confidence.

The €0.30 per share dividend to be proposed at the upcoming AGM on June 12 underscores our faith in our future. My thanks go out to all our shareholders for their support.”


About StarPass and BD Multimedia

StarPass is a fully integrated payment service that offers online merchants selling virtual goods and services the ability to monetize their content using a single solution with no installation costs or recurring fees.

StarPass is operated by BD Multimedia, a pioneer in premium and value-added services since 1986 and an expert in telecoms solutions.

BD Multimedia is listed on the Alternext market of the Paris Stock Exchange.
(ISIN code: FR0000035305/ALBDM)

Reminder of last press release dated April 11, 2013:  2012 Group results show strong growth”