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PayDuo: official partner of Tizen OS


PayDuo, only payment service partner of Tizen OS program

Tizen has announced 37 official partners, including the BD Multimedia Group with its PayDuo product. PayDuo has become the first payment service member of the Tizen Association.

Tizen OS is an operating system supported by Samsung and Intel and already built into Samsung’s “Gear 2” smart watches. It is an open source system whose development is overseen by the Linux Foundation.

The OS is also tipped to be the default system installed on future smartphones made by major handset manufacturers like Samsung, LG and ZTE.

Tizen’s official announcement:


Participation at the Tizen Developer Conference in San Francisco

The Tizen Association has invited BD Multimedia to run a series of product demonstrations at the Tizen Developer Conference taking place from 2 to 4 June in San Francisco.

PayDuo will be the only payment service exhibiting its in-app mobile payment solutions. It will be promoted at a stand provided free of charge by the Association, with a number of demonstrations taking place throughout the three-day event.

More information about the conference can be found at the Tizen Association’s website:


Jim Dorra, Head of Payment Services, commented:

“We have been actively monitoring new mobile operating systems, and the evolving democratization of payment systems for mobile applications on those systems, for over two years.

As I announced at our AGM two years ago, mobile HTML5 technology will break open the hegemonic mobile application payment model.

This is the path taken by Firefox OS and Tizen OS, both of which, as open source projects, are open by definition. Payments will also be open to competition. We are closely monitoring this trend so as to provide our wide range of payment solutions, including payments charged directly to users’ phone bills, and to provide the application development community with new monetization models in addition to bank cards.”